There are 4 different Mangroves -- so how do you tell them apart?

16 First, the interesting fact that none of the Mangrove group of trees are related to each other. Rather, they are grouped under that name because of their common ecological function of securing shoreline banks. The Red mangrove grows from the shore outward into the shallow waters, and relies on a large aerial root system. The Black mangrove grows at the high tide line, and surrounding its foot are conical pencil-like pneumatophores juttting up out of the sediment and water, which are believed to supply the roots with oxygen. The White mangrove and the Buttonwoods can grow anywhere from the banks into the uplands, and they have very different characteristics. The surest way to tell these trees apart is with the leaf shapes and colors, the flowers, and the fruit. Selby Gardens has an excellent webpage devoted to these differences. To open it in another window, click here.

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